Mokah Coffee Bar

We love checking out new coffee shops in every city we visit and around town here in Dallas. Each place we’ve been to is unique in concept, style, and has it’s own vibe. We can’t help but crave a cup from the Filling Station in Kansas City, MadCap in Grand Rapids, and of course Oddfellows here in Dallas. Mokah Coffee Bar in Deep Ellum is another of our favorite places for a few reasons. Not only are they located in the same building as our studio, but┬átheir coffee is amazing! We always keep a pound at home for french press and chemex. We also love the staff! Tyler and Stephanie are a newly married couple that moved to Dallas with a love of good coffee and good local music. Not only are these two great baristas, but they are incredible musicians as well! We love seeing their faces every time we walk in the door. Tonight Mokah is hosting a lounge show to showcase some local talent. We can’t wait to grab a latte and see some familiar faces!

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2 Responses to Mokah Coffee Bar

  1. Krysta says:

    LOVE. Per usual :)

  2. tmac says:

    oh my goodness. these pics are killer. love the sweet photos of tyler and stephanie! I want you guys to make me look just as precious.

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