Girl or boy??

This kid has Beto and I shocked and completely in love! We were so in awe watching the sonogram today. I mean, I really can’t get over it. This little thing just growing like crazy in my belly. We were so anxiously giddy and couldn’t help but laugh the whole appointment. I’m having a difficult time putting it all in to words. All the waiting and wondering of when we’d become parents, how it would feel, and what the pregnancy process would be like. It’s surreal to say the least. We were unbelieveably SHOCKED to find out that we are having a BOY!!!! For real!?! Say what?? Me, a mom to a boy? I never in a million years imagined… still wrapping my brain around that one. This little guy was moving around like crazy, hence the blurry photos. He was moving so much we’re having another sono next month to get a clear picture of his heart. Everything looks great and he is growing beautifully. The sono tech said he has great coordination and was even sucking his thumb at one point. This little one has had my heart since day one… now to pick out a name!!

PS: thanks for all the encouragement, love, and kind words. We love that so many of you are excited with us!! xoxo



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10 Responses to Girl or boy??

  1. Ceci says:

    Well, there’s no arguing that one… Clearly a boy!!! Yay, I’m so excited for our little nephew!!! Love you guys :)

  2. EEEEEEEEE!!!! So very happy for you two! OH BOY! lol :)

  3. Emily says:

    I guessed it! Not that that matters. But hooray! I love following this adventure with you guys. Julia and Clara (and mostly their parents) are looking forward to meeting Baby Boy M!


    Congrats!!! I couldn’t imagine having a boy either! But someone told me during my pregnancy that there is a very special bond between a mother and her son and I believe that it’s true! So happy for you, both! This is going to be one well photographed, handsome, little boy! : ) Can’t wait to meet this Beto/Lindsey combo! Name suggestions: Linto, Leto, Betlin

  5. Rachel says:

    Yay!!! I am so excited! It’s a boy!!!

  6. Ginger says:

    Since I’ve done the girl thing 3 times over I can’t wait to have a grandson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m totally in love with him already!

  7. Mari says:

    Congratulations on a boy! That will be a real change for your family. He’ll be well loved for sure!

  8. rachel triska says:

    Congrats friends! Thanks for sharing your joy!

  9. Lissy Foley says:

    We are SOOOO happy for you. I was shocked to find out I was having a boy a little over 16 years ago… After being raised around nothing but girls I was sure I would feel lost! No worries, it will all come naturally to you, and I know you and Beto are going to be the BEST parents to this little boy! God doesn’t make any mistakes…he chose the two of you for a very important reason!!! Oh I can’t wait to meet him :o)

  10. Junior Mtz says:

    ujuuuu que chido….felicidades ……se que será una enorme bendición es bebé para ustedes, no lo conozco al niño pero se que será genial…..yo digo que se llame : ………….. uh no se

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