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Last week I, Beto, traveled to Mexico to visit my grandparents in Guadalajara. For those of you that don’t already know, that’s where I was born and lived until I was 12. My grandparents are native Texans who have been missionaries in Mexico for 40+ years. I wish I could say I had planned this trip far in advance, but sadly it was a very last minute decision. You see, my Gramps suffered a stroke 3 weeks ago. This news was a major shock to my family, being that we’re so far away (all of my extended family now lives in the states as well). There are so many amazing people in Guadalajara that are busy taking care of my Gramps and Grams, but there is no way I could stay away. I wanted to see first hand how severe his condition was, and I wanted to help in any way I could. I was pleasantly surprised at his recovery. As with many stroke victims, his speech and his ability to move his right side were greatly impacted.  Surprisingly, by the time I arrived (2 weeks after the stroke) he was already lifting his right arm as well as beginning to say a few words. Through it all he has remained very lucid which is great! Although he finds it frustrating not to be able to communicate easily, he is in good spirits and laughed a lot while I was there. It will be a long road to recovery, but we expect the best!

It was so good to spend time with both of my grandparents! I immediately felt right at home. We enjoyed early morning coffee each day, lots of laughs, and I even surprised myself in the kitchen with a few meals! Since I don’t get to be with them very often, I will definitely cherish these memories for the rest of my life. I’m so glad that my trip overlapped with my sister’s for a couple of days. It was great to spend that time together taking care of my grandparents. I tried to take a few candid shots of my Gramps since he’s not a big fan of smiling for the camera (all photos taken with VSCOcam). I’m sure once he has fully recovered and realizes I took these pictures he will have a talk with me about it. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission in this case! :)

On behalf of my grandparents and all of our family we’d like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your prayers, thoughts and support that you have show toward my grandparents. They are definitely surrounded by people who love them and are taking great care of them.

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11 Responses to Visiting Gramps

  1. Stephanie says:

    This was lovely. Thanks for sharing treasures from your precious family.

  2. tmac says:

    These photos are so beautiful. So glad you shared them.

    Side note….ummm is that horchata?!!? If yes, make me and the bump some ASAP.

  3. Alicia says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos, been thinking about your family and hope Gramps recovers steadily!

  4. Lissy Foley says:

    So glad to see he is recovering well!

  5. Junior Mtz says:

    ups …. haber como te va cuando lo vea jejeje pero que bueno que te la pasaste bien …. regresaaaa
    te quedo muy bien esto

  6. Ginger says:

    I’m so glad you posted Beto. You are right, this time and these photos will be something you will cherish. Your Gramps and Grams have been on my heart daily and I’m glad you and Ceci had the chance to be with them for a few days. We will continue to pray for both of them knowing the Lord is holding them in His grip. That photos are wonderful and so great to see your Gramps looking so good!

  7. Emily says:

    This is very nice – so glad you could be there.

  8. Adry says:

    C: Me da mucho gusto ver que se esta recuperando!!
    Es de mucha bendición!!
    Lo querems mucho!!
    Dios le bendiga!!

  9. Luis Zaragoza says:

    Me da mucha alegria verle!! Sé que se pondrá cada día mejor…

  10. Mildred Whitmire says:

    Beto, thanks so much for sharing!! Just to let you know, as much as you enjoyed being with Roger and Linda, I bet their joy was 1000 times greater. That will be a special occasion that they will think about and talk about for a long time. Praise God for making a way for you and Ceci to be able to be there.

    Come see us sometime.

    Love and Blessings,

    Cousin ~ Mildred

  11. Jessica West says:

    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing your visit with us. I wish I can get down there but the money issues barely get me out of my driveway. He still looks younger than his age. Oh and the pic while taking a bite…better run lol. I am so glad he is recovering he will have a wonderful testimony to the world. Love you guys! If you talk to him or Linda send them my love.

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