Lindsey & Beto : 32 Weeks

I cannot believe that I am almost 34 weeks pregnant!? Less than 6 weeks to go – since I’ll ┬ábe induced a bit early for the surgeon, cardiologist, NICU teams at both hospitals, and my doctor to be ready. I am SO incredibly grateful to our friends Sara & Rocky for taking these amazing photos of us (at 32 weeks)! Despite Beckham’s HLHS diagnosis and the changes it has brought to this pregnancy and his life, we are full of joy! Beto and I love feeling him move, guessing who he’ll look like, and we cannot wait to hold him in our arms and kiss his sweet face! These photos perfectly capture the love Beto and I have for each other and our little one. SIX MORE WEEKS!!!!!

If you would like to follow our journey and receive updates about Beckham’s progress, please join our facebook page – We’ve also been using the hashtag #beatsforBECKHAM anytime we post to Instagram or Twitter with posts related to him. We would love it if you would do the same!

To our clients: We will be taking maternity/paternity leave for the first couple of months as we settle in as a family of 3 (approximately the middle of January-April). We will be almost completely disconnected for the first month while Beckham is in the CVICU at Children’s. After we are finally home, we will be available via email to our current and potential clients. We are accepting local wedding commissions starting with May 2013.

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4 Responses to Lindsey & Beto : 32 Weeks

  1. Ginger says:

    You two are going to be the most amazing parents. Knowing your love for one another, I know you will just multiply it one hundred times over for Beckham. I can’t wait to welcome him into our family and know we will join tightly together to love him and see him through whatever comes his way. I continue to trust and believe for miracles for him, and I know he will be a blessing beyond words to our family. Love you both and love the photos!!!

  2. Ceci says:

    These are beautiful and you are stunning, I can’t wait to meet that sweet boy! Love you guys :)

  3. Tim and Lauri says:

    Very nice pictures ! so happy for you guys .

    Tim & Laura

  4. Alicia LaVire says:

    You two shine with hope and light! Really you are a beautiful and amazing family. I love you and I can’t wait to hold and love your little one. <3 your little sissy

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