This post is so near and dear to our hearts. You see, Jesse and Rachel are two of our very best friends. We met just a couple of years ago, and our hearts connected right away. We both wanted to start families, and things just weren’t quite as easy as we imagined they would be. I had just gone through a miscarriage, and Jesse and Rachel were in the middle of a long and difficult adoption journey. Over the days and weeks we cried together, we prayed for each other, and our friendship deepened with every meal we shared. We had empathy for each other, and we laughed together – a lot!

Over the past two years Jesse and Rachel have been there for us every step of the way… when we found out we were pregnant for Beckham, when we learned about his heart defect, the day he was born, and every day since then. I cannot even count the number of days they spent with us at the hospital. They brought meals, ran errands, cried and hoped with us. They lifted our spirits. We couldn’t be more grateful for the love they poured out on us.

I remember sitting in Beckham’s hospital room last spring, Rachel and I crying yet again. The truth is that we both wanted the same thing. Rachel and I both wanted to bring our boys home. I wanted Beckham to come home from the hospital, and she wanted her son to come home from Africa. It is a horrible and wonderful way to bond… both begging God to bring the other’s son home.

The beautiful thing is… they are home!! Beckham came home in June, and Jesse and Rachel made the trip to Uganda later that month. The excitement we felt for them was indescribable. On August 17 (my 30th birthday) the Leos family stepped off of that airplane and into our lives as a beautiful family of THREE!! The airport was filled with excitement and anticipation. I will never forget this day!

We love you Jesse, Rachel, and Ollie!!!

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