This December my sister, Alicia, and her family came to visit us for a WEEK! It was the best!!! There is nothing like having family in town, especially for the holidays. We had fun cooking some amazing food (horseradish crusted prime rib, anyone?), watching our growing boys, and just being together. This was the first taste of a vacation that we’ve felt in over two years. If you are new to the blog, you can find out why here.

My sister is my best friend, and we are both amazed/thrilled and so grateful for how well our husbands get along. I mean, these two are always joking around. We laughed and definitely cried some ugly tears throughout the week as well. I am thankful for family that is willing to come lift our spirits, love on us, and quite practically, wash our dishes. ;) It hasn’t always been easy to bridge the gap of┬áliving across the country with one sister struggling with normal parenting woes and a high stress┬ácareer while the other sister is facing the the unimaginable with a baby on hospice. We’ve worked really diligently to stay on the same page and face the heart wrenching parts together. I am increasingly glad for every tough conversation, every tear shed, and our commitment to our friendship and sisterhood. This week wouldn’t have been possible without it. Alicia, Alfred, and Cy, we love you three so much! THANK YOU for visiting and making us smile! Come back soon!!! xoxo

Oh, and we snuck in a family session while they were here! It felt so good to pick up my camera again!

LaVire Family_001 LaVire Family_002 LaVire Family_003 LaVire Family_004 LaVire Family_005 LaVire Family_006 LaVire Family_007 LaVire Family_008 LaVire Family_009 LaVire Family_010 LaVire Family_011 LaVire Family_012 LaVire Family_013 LaVire Family_014 LaVire Family_015 LaVire Family_016 LaVire Family_017 LaVire Family_018 LaVire Family_019 LaVire Family_020 LaVire Family_021 LaVire Family_022 LaVire Family_023 LaVire Family_024 LaVire Family_025 LaVire Family_027 LaVire Family_026 LaVire Family_028 LaVire Family_029 LaVire Family_030 LaVire Family_031 LaVire Family_032

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  1. Emily says:

    These are beautiful! So glad you were able to do this.

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