Monica is one the most joyful people I have ever met. In the past year that I’ve known her, she has been so encouraging, loving, and a bright spot in my day. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and I love that about her. No matter what the circumstance, she is true to who she is. Her authentic optimism is beautiful and inspiring. I’m so grateful to have met Monica and to have been able to document one of the happiest times of her life. xo

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Jolene was an absolutely stunning bride! She is truly such a beautiful person on the inside and out. She always sees the glass half full, and I love that about her. She is so fun-loving, charismatic, and joyful. Beto and I had a great time photographing her bridals at the Cotton Mill in McKinney earlier this summer. I just couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous Maggie Sottero gown! 

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When we started talking with Jessica about locations for her bridals, she knew right away that she wanted an english garden feel. Chandor Gardens in Weatherford was the perfect place for just that. On the day of Jess’ bridals there was a crazy storm passing through the metroplex – I mean thunder/lightning/torrential downpour kind of storm. We almost postponed her session because of it, but she was determined to make it happen no matter what. After driving through said crazy storm on the way to Weatherford, we were super surprised that the gardens were completely dry! We lucked out! No rain until the last 5 minutes of our session. Jessica was an absolutely gorgeous bride!


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Shelly is seriously one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever met. She is a true southern girl at heart, and I love that about her. I feel like we could sip sweet tea and talk for hours. Every time I have been around Shelly she is constantly thinking about others. She is always making sure that everyone is doing alright and having a good time. I think she would make the perfect party hostess. So relaxed and sweet natured. On the day of Shelly’s bridals she ran a half marathon. Yes, you read that right A HALF MARATHON! She ran in the morning and Beto & I met up with her in the afternoon. I don’t even know how she was standing… but she looked stunning!


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Haley is one of those people that everyone loves to be around. You can tell by the the way Brett looks at her, the way her friends danced with her well past midnight on her wedding day, and the pride on her family’s faces each step of the way. Inside and out, Haley was such a gorgeous bride!! I was in love with her lace Maggie Sottero wedding gown. It fit like a glove, and doesn’t she look amazing? Beto and I shot Haley’s bridal session in February at the house of one of her close friends. When I walked into the backyard and saw the greenhouse, I knew we needed to start there!


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