Erin & Mark

We love it when couples have fun together in front of our cameras. We love when they are not afraid to share their hearts, affection, and what makes them laugh. Beto and I had a fun time hanging out with Erin & Mark for their engagement session a couple of weeks back. They are absolutely perfect together, and we cannot wait for their springtime wedding!

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Matt & Katy

Earlier this year Beto and I met up with Matt & Katy for their White Rock Lake engagement session. We loved the vibrant, springtime green and all the gorgeous wildflowers. Not only was the location perfect, but Matt & Katy were a breeze to photograph. Matt is so in love with Katy! I mean, we only had to tell him to hold her close once, and he didn’t let go the rest of the session. We love the sweet affection between these two! This weekend I delivered a gorgeous engagement book to Matt & Katy. It was so fun to catch up with them and see how much they loved their photos. It won’t be long before they tie the knot, and we can’t wait to be there!

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Ashlyn & Luis

Earlier this summer we met up with Ashlyn & Luis for an early morning engagement session. We had hoped for a gorgeous sunrise but were met with clouds instead. These two didn’t let it phase them. They were so focused on each other the weather didn’t even matter! From our first meeting with Ashlyn & Luis we could tell just how in love they were, and how they couldn’t wait to be married! They met at OSU, hence the bits of orange Luis couldn’t help but incorporate somehow, and started dating after moving to Dallas. This past weekend we photographed their wedding, which I’m dying to share! We loved how they included personal touches in both their wedding and engagement photos. The black & orange bike… yeah, Luis rebuilt it! He is all about the little details! Before their session he surprised Ashlyn with her dream bike+basket! These two are the sweetest!

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Alex & Anne

Last weekend we drove up to the little, tiny north Texas town of Forestburg. This very rural town is home to the Goss family ranch – you might remember Aaron & Courtney’s day after session there last fall. Well, Courtney has a younger sister, Anne, and as soon as she got engaged she wrote me to plan their engagement photos! I had been crossing my fingers since I met Alex & Anne last fall that we would be able to photograph their wedding as well. Beto and I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding next spring, especially after spending the weekend with them up at the ranch. We drove up together on Saturday chatting about their wedding and our baby on the way (so many exciting things in 2013!). Once we made it up to the ranch we met up with Aaron & Courtney, these two are such great hosts. They made us feel right at home and like part of the family. Aaron drove the 6 of us around the ranch to scout out the perfect spot for photos, and then we came home to a delicious brisket dinner thanks to Aaron’s Dad! It was a great night filled with laughter, good food, and of course a brew or two! The next morning we woke up super early for Alex & Anne’s sunrise session (note to future brides – sunrise session is the BEST and coolest time of day for a summer photos). Gah, we love these two! They are so much fun to be around and they love each other SO much! After their session we ate a big brunch, watched the Olympics, and drove around the ranch on ATVs before heading back to Dallas. It was the perfect weekend! Cheers to new friendships! :)

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Mark & Amy

Oh how we love Mark & Amy! From the moment they stepped out of their car they were ready for anything we threw their way. We love it when couples trust us fully, it gives us such creative freedom! Mark & Amy are so sweet together we could have photographed them all day. We were walking around talking about how they met and how they knew they belonged together. Mark didn’t hesitate to respond, “when I was with her, it felt like home… and I knew.” Wow! Talk about a romantic guy that is head-over-heels for his lady. We adore their honest, genuine love for each other. It resonates with us. Being around people like Mark & Amy is infectious… they remind us to not hold back but to love deeply. It’s who they are, and it’s perfect!

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