A Lazy Day Breakfast

You know those kind of days when you stay in your pajamas until noon? Those lazy days when all you want to do is read a book or listen to a good record? We had one of days last week, and it was perfect! We were too busy being lazy to realize we were getting hungry, it kind of snuck up on us… but instead of reaching for the box of cereal I decided to whip up a batch of our favorite 30-minute bran muffins. This recipe comes from Heidi Swanson’s latest cookbook Super Natural Everyday.

I honestly love being in the kitchen, especially when I have some extra time on my hands. Baking is probably my favorite. While baking doesn’t leave as much room for alterations (i.e. better stick to the recipe for flour and sugar measurements if you want things to turn out right) you can aways spice things up! In this recipe of bran muffins I added some coconut and oats, which we loved. Next time maybe some dried cherries and pecans?? It was an easy and delightful breakfast for two. Beto and I enjoyed sipping our coffee, slathering our muffins with butter and homemade peach preserves from last summer’s bounty, and spending time together. It doesn’t get much better than that… well, maybe if you stopped by to join us! :)


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It’s no secret that Beto and I love a good home-cooked meal. As much as we like going out to eat, we also love cooking at home together. In the summer we love to grill out and have friends over for a good carne asada or hamburgers. Another favorite are homemade pizzas with delicious out-of-the-box options where everyone can make their own. On days like today, we like to start out with a big breakfast – French pressed coffee, potatoes, bacon, and Belgian waffles from scratch. Here are a few shots from a typical morning at the Moreno house!

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This weekend I was really ambitious and decided to try canning for the first time. Beto and I went to the farmers market on Saturday morning to pick up our weekly CSA share (community supported agriculture, basically we joined a local farm), so I picked up a few more local goodies like peaches, green beans, and okra. This canning venture was 100% inspired by Emily over at Everything Begins with an E. Emily and I both married into the Moreno family… but even more than family, I’m so glad to call her friend! She was my long-distance canning coach and answered every question I threw her way. I couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks E!! I think this first round of canning was a success. All of the jars sealed and they look beautiful. Yay for canning!

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